Product Information


ECO Block ICF (insulated concrete form) allows for limitless design and gives you a double insulated, continuous steel reinforced concrete corefrom 100mm up to 600mm, with no joints or weak points and is integrated into a simple, single system that is cost competitive with and consistently outperforms almost all other wall systems over the life cycle of a building.


  • Fire resistant – our 152mm core has reached a 180/180/180
  • Thermal – ECO block provides a R-Value of 3.78
  •  ECO Block has an 8 Star Energy Rating
  • Acoustic FSTC Rating of 54
  • 40mpa at 30 days
  • Can withstand cyclone and tornado force winds and be designed for the highest seismic zones.
  • Does not damage or rot when exposed to high volumes of water caused by floods or storm surges and heavy rains.
  • Reduced waste and environmental impact.


Where can ECO Block be used.

  • General housing construction
  • Difficult lot construction
  • Multi-unit construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Inter tenancy walls
  • Concrete tilt slab walls
  • Curved Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fences
  • Foundation walls and footings


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