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Qteco series for Erated Cladding

QT ECO series fire rated cladding

EFBS currently offer EcoSeries, an external walling system. This system is made from ‘Conpolcrete’, a patented formulation made from recycled polystyrene, cement and binders. 

There are many excellent benefits to be gained with using QT System’s wall panels, but the most sought after include the superior insulation which offers excellent fire-retardant & noise-reducing properties.  The fire -rating 90/90/90 has been test and certified.

 Advantages of QT 

  • Non-combustible FRL 90/90/90
  • Excellent insulation, R2.5
  • Environmentally Responsible by using recycled polystyrene
  • Lightweight 
  • Superior moisture management cavity construction 
  • Suitable for C3(W60C) – cyclonic wind classification
  • Reduced construction time



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