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Remedial Crack Injections


At Efbs we specialise in crack injection and remedial waterproofing. 

What is crack injection

Crack injection is the process of filling and sealing cracks and voids in concrete and masonry surfaces. These cracks and voids are a common problem in concrete structures. They can occur from many different situation, such as Stress cracks, movement cracks, even concrete not consolidating correctly, Thus compromising the structural integrity of the concrete.

if the concrete structructure is prone to water or hydrostatic pressure this can cause water ingress. Excessive water ingress forms a major issue in concrete structures, Excessing water passing through the concrete can leach out the calcium chlorides within the concrete’s molecules thus severely shortening the lifespan of the concrete, and this will also cause the concrete to leach efflorescence which will cause the concrete to turn brittle. Excessive water ingress can also cause concrete cancer, if galvanized reo bars are not used in the slab then the calcium chlorides that are leaching can cause the reo bars the rust, eventually traveling through the slab and deteriorating the steel within the structure.

How does crack injection work

Crack injection is the process of sealing the cracks and voids within the slab. Chemicals, injection ports/packers and a high pressure pump are used to inject the slab with the materials. There are 3 main types of injection Polyurethane injection, acrylic injection and structural epoxy injection. Due to the fact that every job is different, every job requires different materials. Some jobs require more the one material to be injection into the surface. Depending on the job some can require single, double even triple tear injection passes.


Floor Epoxy coatings.

We also provide complete finish floor coating, from new to old concrete. They come in various colours and finishes.

Previous works 

Efbs have completed many jobs, some of which include

  • Sydney harbour tunnel 
  • ABC studios 
  • Channel 7
  • Global studios 
  • Hornsby swimming pools
  • Charles Perkins Center, University of sydney 
  • Anderals Engineering





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